• Arya Tondale

My Uterus has an Opinion

Ever since we mortals could comprehend stuff, they filled us with the concept that giving birth or "creating life" is a magical phenomenon. Something strange. Something which we read in fairy tales, religious scripts or fiction. But for the harsh realities of life, how delightful is it? Why are "magical things" turning into political issues or controversies?

For some of us, abortion is a contradiction. Several countries like Austria, India and Denmark have legalised abortion for the freedom and rights of everyone with a female reproductive system.

Here are some trivial facts which anybody should know:

· Let’s go through the legal terms first:

The Texan law, i.e., Senate Bill 8, amounts to a complete ban on abortion. It prohibits most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy and makes no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from incest or rape. "Medical emergencies" like cardiac activity or untreatable conditions can be exempted. An individual subjected to maltreatment won't be allowed to abort the foetus.

Tragic, isn't it? This law raises the chances of psychological and emotional trauma to both the mother and the unborn child.

Corresponding to Section 30.022 (Page 15), advocates are discouraged from challenging the constitution.

What does this mean? It means Lawyers taking up lawsuits against Senate 8 Bill will have to pay other party’s legal fees.

· Abortion will take place no matter what!

Banning or criminalising abortion only intensifies the amount of unsafe/illegal abortions. This can lead to the spreading of infections, death, and emotional stress. Banning abortion doesn't cause an individual to choose to have an unborn baby. Individuals seek to find various dangerous practices to get rid of the foetus in 6 weeks.

· The Cis, the woman, the girls (Not only them but others too!)

It is a common misconception that only cisgender women/girls need an abortion. But, that is not the case. Individuals with reproductivity capabilities like intersex, transgender boys and other gender identities need abortion too.

Our world is changing invariably, and so are the ways of getting pregnant. We need to broaden our views and understand the bigger picture. We, as fellow humans, need to raise awareness for better healthcare rights for various gender identities and the non-conforming ones.

· Stigma is confessional towards criminalising abortion.

As I mentioned earlier, various gender identities lack proper health care access. This again raises stigma against them. It is a biased view that these individuals do not need contraceptives, abortion associated services and information. This leads to harassment in medical plights and refusal to offer medical treatment—the rates of this discrimination increase in the coloured communities.

· Bodily Autonomy

Q. What does the above term mean?

Ans: Bodily Autonomy means having exclusive rights over your own body. This likewise implies that your decisions concerning your body are YOURS ALONE.

Compelling a person not to make their own choices is WRONG. Our laws do not allow teenagers to adopt babies and take care of them. Here we are, in a world where pregnant teens are forced not to abort the baby. Imagine a knocked up 10-year-old child in the delivery room. Someone who can't enjoy their childhood and has to go through severe labour pains, which usually adults in labour go through.

How would you feel being in their shoes? How would you feel, being the nurse or their doctor attending to them? How would you think if they were someone close to you? How do you feel right now?

That was dark, right? Well… it's the reality, after all.

Our world has forgotten the idea of magic. Magic is not just wands and superpowers, but it's the expansion of our thinking and psyche. Society needs to get it back.

As a part of our social order, we should state our sentiments regarding Human Rights. We should promote legalising abortion. Now don't say that it only concerns "women".

NO! It concerns everyone. It might not affect you directly, but it will affect you indirectly. This isn't just about the uterus and the eggs lying inside. It's about humanity too. Use your methods to promote these much-needed rights.

And, for those people who are still against it… We will keep going! After all, my uterus has an opinion. Period.