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  • Subhankari Mallick

The Unborn

In some of my dreams,

I visit the illusive earthly heaven,

Where I encounter

A girl in her mid-eleven.....

She mumbled,

"I want to go on the earth,

But a pestilential gizmo always cuts me before my birth,

Tell me the harsh and cruel earth's reality,

Why does my life turns into a crestfallen tragedy?

Everybody else has a right to reverie Their own gold-green patch,

Then why is my dream on halt

And my destiny always a scratch,

How can they decide not to have me? Ain't I their own blood,

Let them bleed and see!"

When the night breaks and the sun shakes down from the sky,

I want to hold this dream but it flies. She leaves my hand

And takes her steps

Back from world's fear;

I open my eyes

From that bewitching dream

that's wretched with a million tears.


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