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Empower School Programme

School Programme

Empower's very own School Program has been launched! We have taken a step to unite the youth of tomorrow and provide a platform for them which caters their talents and fosters their potential of becoming their best versions by participating in making a global change. 

The School Program is an event that brings schools from all over the world and provides opportunities for their students. The School Program will include - 

  • Exciting leaderboard system wherein each school’s participation will be marked and accordingly at each level, the students will be handed rewards like (1) Recommendation letter (2)Certificate of excellence,

  • Access to exclusive webinars and events,

  • A chance of being part of our Empower team and,

  • An opportunity for the schools to hold their heads high as their school logos will be put up on our website!

The students can show their participation either by submitting articles for our upcoming Issues or by being part of our very special Ambassador Program, wherein students get a full immersive experience of the inner workings of the magazine and personal mentorship by the Heads of their respective departments which they choose to work in. We have a wide array of departments from designing , editorial to networking and marketing departments headed by very talented and excellent gen z’ers about whom you can know more by heading to the ‘our team’ section.

There isn’t any criteria for participation other than wanting passionate, enthusiastic students who dare to dream high. Empower aims to provide a platform to those who need to be heard and provide exposure in order for them to form their own opinions and voice those opinions courageously.

Register your school's interest now by filling up this short form.

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