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About Us

Empower is a youth-led media outlet, platform and publication enabling young people on social change. Empower aims at realigning youth media production and consumption to initiate meaningful conversations on changemaking and enable young people to channel their creativity for solving issues that matter to them. With 4532+ readers, a monthly reach of 14.7k around 84+ countries around the globe, Empower harnesses youth leadership and agency through its bimonthly magazine, weekly changemaking stories of #EmpoweringVoices, #EmpoweringConvos episodes and constructive media content, thus giving a voice to young people. By restructuring the way young people consume & produce media, we enable the youth to tap into their own potential and see themselves at the forefront of changemaking. Previously known as Youth Magazine founded in Aug 2020, we revamped our platform to a bolder and stronger brand, ‘Empower,’ in August 2021, and have empowered countless young people since then. 

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Our logo design is sketched in an approach that reaffirms our foundations: the mirrored ‘E’ signifies the concept of Me + Power, reiterating the unwavering zeal, drive and power which lies within us. The orange colour for ‘EM’ demonstrates the glimmer of the rising sun, the drive, and the passion that sparkles in our eyes with hope that the world’s future can transform for the better. 

Our Pillars

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Change is what we strive for and live for; being a responsible media platform and shaping our readers’ perspectives ensures that we don’t just tell factual and well-researched information but also show it. From unfeigned change-making resources on our Carrd to petition links and infinite spaces for voicing today’s pressing issues, we ensure that through Empower, change genuinely occurs. 

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Speaking up, breaking free from our echo chambers and advocating for causes that truly matter to us- is what forms a significant part of our work.

From Mental Health, LGBTQIA+ Rights, Anti-Racism to Global Politics and Climate Change, we voice these issues valiantly and impeccably. Be it our bi-monthly magazine or pioneer interviews, we advocate for an equitable, sustainable and better world through everything that we do.

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We are more than just spectators and bystanders- we are the makers of real change. At Empower, we do more than just social media advocacy and awareness - we take ‘direct action.’ Our #CreateChange resources enable you to move one step ahead from reading and reposting. You can donate, sign petitions, join protests, avail and give resources or even read up further about an issue you particularly care about and join the Empowerers.

See the young trailblazers behind the story of Empower.

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