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We believe that our voices have power. Tremendous power. Love, Care, Inspiration, Trauma, Bullying, Mental Illness, Body shaming, Gender Identities- so many of us have trodden down these paths, stumbling, falling and navigating through them with bravery. Our stories are of vulnerability. Of Hope. Of unfading strength. And these stories are important because when we share them, we realise that we aren’t alone. Be it a story of having simple, beautiful friendships and creating long lasting memories or something as powerful as battling through a disease or going through the spiral of loneliness, we want to hear it out. We want to share your unique story and help you use your voice, your struggles, your miracles to empower. If you have an anecdote of your life on any of the below topics, please share it along with your photos via the below form. We will be honored to feature it on Empower’s Instagram page and keep #EmpoweringVoices along the way.

Topics and Guidelines


All stories must be in English and should be original. They must fall under the word limit of 150-250 words and should not contain profane or abusive language. We will accept stories in Prose AND Reel formats as well. Preference will be given to stories which are authentic, personal and share glimpses of vulnerability and strength. Make sure that the photos you upload are relevant to your story and are high resolution pictures. Images may contain headshots, too. Please do not send pieces of poetry.

Friendships/Relationships - Friendships and the relationships that we garner in our life stay with us and move us till the end. Do you have a friend who has stuck with you even in hardships or has never failed to make you smile? Do you have a special relationship with someone ( it can even be your dear pet dog! ) with whom you share the most loving, caring bonds? Or perhaps a fun anecdote with your BFF gang? Share it with us and spread the joy! 


Education - Knowledge is what makes us intellectual, thinking humans. Do you share a special connection with your school or college? A lesson that has stayed with you till now? Or have you struggled really hard to make ends meet to fulfil your dream? Do you share a deep love for learning? Tell us about it.

LGBTQ+ - We admire Gender Diversity and we strive to be inclusive and supportive to people of LGBTQ+ community. Are you a part of the LGBTQ+ community and do you have your beautiful pride story ? What paths have you had to cross for being and embracing the real you? Tell us and empower us!

Mental Health -  You are never alone. We believe it; we preach it. Have you trodden down those deep dark chambers of depression or mental illness and felt like there was no hope? Have you cared for someone or given a listening ear to a loved one struggling with Mental Health ? What has been your experience witnessing the stigma surrounding mental health ? The more we talk about it, the more we normalise not feeling okay. #MentalHealthMatters

Body Positivity - All bodies are beautiful and beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. Tell us if you have ever had someone try to fit you into certain boxes and how you have overcome it with radical self-love. 

Trauma - If you have been traumatized or have had to go through grave loss, let us know. We want to share in your pain and help you heal your scars. If you have been a victim of abuse or bullying and have still come out of it with hope and resilience, we applaud you. Help us give strength and hope to those who are going through suffering in the present as they, too shall find courage in your resilience.

Physical Disability/Illness -  If you had to face an accident,disability, illness, or any addiction tell us how you coped with it. Tell us how you managed to come out of it and face life’s hardships and become the jewel you are today. You are so much more than your illness or disability and we want to tell this to the world.

Feminism - Have you ever faced biases about the roles and capacities of women ? How have they affected you? What have you done to change narratives about gender equality and women empowerment?

Inspiration and Gratitude - Does someone inspire you so deeply that you feel their positive influence even today in your life ? Has there been any anecdote or a conversation which has particularly moved you and shaped you into the person you are today ? Even if you simply want a sweet Thank-You for the influence of your family, parents, siblings or just anyone whom you owe a lot, here is the place to express your gratitude.

Other - Even if your story doesn’t fit into the above boxes, don’t shy away from sharing it, because your story matters.

If you happen to have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to email us at 

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