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 Vanessa: "Authenticity is invaluable; therefore, you can't go wrong with being yourself"


Written Interview by Shwetha Rajesh 

Vanessa Somuayina is an internationally known intuitive, author, tarot expert, and entrepreneur. Her best-selling books, “The Gentle Heart Tarot Deck”, “The Pastel Journey Tarot” and “The Wild Muse Oracle” have been sold in over 136 countries worldwide. Subsequent to creating a large audience on both YouTube and Instagram (@Vanessa_Somuayina), Vanessa teaches students from over 26 different countries how they can become great tarot readers themselves. Vanessa is also the founder and creator of Beau Life GmbH, a company that promotes wellness and positivity through the use of crystals and other magical divination tools. Beau Life GmbH is based in Zürich, Switzerland, where Vanessa currently resides. She has a passion for philanthropy and continues to build businesses that promote equality, mental health, and sustainability.

What got you started on your journey with spirituality? When did you know that it was the career meant for you?  

Vanessa: I think my journey with spirituality began unintentionally at a very young age. I’ve always felt fascinated by crystals and minerals, to the point that I curated my own collections of natural trinkets from my surroundings. Having a career related to spirituality was never in the picture. At least not until I began uploading tarot card readings to my YouTube channel.

Why work with the Tarot? Was there anything about it that drew you to it? 

Vanessa: Tarot just naturally called to me. The first time I ever held a tarot deck in my hands was a very unexpected, magical experience. I was mystified and also kept a healthy amount of skepticism. Looking at all the different symbols, card names, suits, and colors just made me feel like I needed to explore more of what this all means and what the history of tarot is.


What was your motivation behind starting Beau Life?  

Vanessa: My subscribers and fans of my YouTube channel were a significant source of inspiration. But aside from listening to my supporters, I felt inspired to create products that were not only beautiful and felt luxurious but also added a specific holistic value to a person's life. I wanted to create a lifestyle oasis that would leave every visitor and customer feeling empowered about themselves.

How has your journey as an entrepreneur been so far? 

Vanessa: My entrepreneurial journey has been exciting and filled with substantial personal successes and unexpected challenges. I think that, without a doubt, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, as the list of thoughts, tasks, and ideas is neverending. I believe that being an entrepreneur comes naturally to me, so I couldn't see myself living life any other way.

What’s the difference between being spiritual vs. being religious? 

Vanessa: While I am no expert, I believe there are some fundamental differences between religion and spirituality. I think spirituality is less specific in its practices and, compared to religion, is more of a solitary way of experiencing the divine. Whereas religion has more structure and people of authority, which help communicate and reinforce this system. Both are valid and can find space in this world.



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The Empress

The Pastel Journey Tarot

 Jhené Aiko

Love by Jhené Aiko

Home Body by rupi kaur

“The minute you don’t want power, you’ll have more than you ever dreamed possible.” — Ram Dass.

 My Kindle

What are your thoughts on self-discovery? How about Tarot as a medium for the same?

Vanessa: To me, tarot is self-discovery. While there are many different ways of getting to know oneself on a deeper level, I think the tarot can be an intuitive and playful way to initiate one's self-discovery process. Because the 78-card system touches on so many different aspects of life, you can be sure to see things from another point of view whenever you engage with this divination practice.

Why did you choose to be a self-published author? 

Vanessa: I think becoming a self-published author wasn't a conscious choice for me. I knew I had the burning desire to create my very first tarot deck, called 'The Gentle Heart Tarot'. Upon researching how this project could come to fruition, I realized that it might take years to get approved and published through another company. Therefore, I simply took matters into my own hands and began publishing through my company, Beau Life.


Were there any struggles you faced as a Self-published author?

Vanessa: Given that I was completely new to this publishing world, there were most definitely a handful of struggles, and I think there always will be. After all, just as in any business, the market is constantly changing and evolving. Supply-chain issues, printing delays, and design mishaps are all part of the game when you're self-publishing any body of work.

Last but not the least, Do you have any tips or lessons for someone who is just getting started with their journey with spirituality ?  

Vanessa: Authenticity is invaluable; therefore, I believe with a personal practice or process such as adopting spirituality, you can't go wrong with being yourself. Your spiritual journey is such a sacred and unique experience in your life. I find it challenging to recommend overly specific tips because everyone's path is different. But I'd say that reading as much as you can and cultivating a daily practice will get most people started on their very own spiritual journey. By daily practice, I don't mean some rigorous exercise regimen, but instead building healthy habits that are easy enough to do each day. A routine that makes you feel grounded and proud of yourself. You may incorporate meditation, reading a couple of pages of a book each day, yoga, and breathwork; the list is endless!

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