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Hugging a Pillow

Watch Adrija Jana ,a bibliophile with a natural eagerness to learn new things. She has worked with several magazines and youth organisations across the globe and is an ardent and committed activist in the field of advocacy against Period Poverty and Education Inequity and Shwetha Rajesh, a high school junior with a passion for advocacy and art speak about Period Poverty and Menstrual Stigma, the implications of Covid 19 on the same and much more!

Working with Laptop at Home

Watch Maria Florensia Chandra,  a sophomore from Indonesia who is passionate about creating a inclusive atmosphere for people with disabilities , and Ishita Shukla , member of designing department at Empower speak about fighting disability stigma and much more!

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Watch Hansa Shree and Bhagyashree Prabhutendolkar speak about healthcare inequities, the gap between public and private healthcare sector, Right to Health, interconnection between physical and mental health consequences due to inaccessibility to resources, commuting costs and much more!

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