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  • Ayesha Yousaf

Colour Inequality

The inhuman act of inequality between different skin types and religions, is racism.

Racism is no uncommon term in today's world and it always has been since the

beginning of mutation, melanine and other beliefs. The

so called “modern world” is no stranger to racism and in its application on people.

Finding one superior, just because of colour, is racism.

On March 02, 1807, Congress abolished the African Slave Trade. On May 28, 1830, Andrew

Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act (Primary Indian). On December 6, 1865, the 13th

Amendment is ratified, thus abolishing slavery.

On February 3, 1870, the 15th Amendment is ratified, granting male African-Americans the

right to vote (Primary 15). On August 28, 1963, Americans march on Washington D.C.

Moreover we all are very familiar to the mass murder of innocent humans in the United

States of America just because their melanin was more than the others.

Racism is a huge part in our lives and is preached

to the younger generation too in every country. “The ideal candidate of marriage for a boy should be white”, this statement is preached in many households. People push a person to the point, where they have no other choice but to take in all those drugs made for “whitening skin.”

Marriage in the coloured people is a big sin to be committed by the Pathans as per custom.

They feel sinful if their children are married to someone coloured.

Celebrities, who should support the girls of their country to be confident in their skin, portray themselves as white in advertisements, leaving wrong inspirations for the highly

uneducated population of women in many southern and south-eastern parts of Asia.

The practice of drugs for whitening skin is highly used in most nations, with the help of face washes and medicines in general.

Although, many people and mostly the young generation is trying to make a change, we

need to protest, so that people can educate themselves to be confident in their own skin

without being judged or categorised.


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