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  • Mahnoor Shirazi

Don’t let it douse




A burning sensation

Sometimes I see fire reflecting life, and the feeling of being alive being burning, and you can douse it but you would not want to, because you’re already addicted to burning and believe me when a fire is lit it doesn’t care whatever burns it, may it be detest, betrayal, envy, or at times even love. Sooner or later you may have to struggle (trust me it’s worth struggling for) to prevent this fire from being doused by brutal worldly realities or even a mere feeling of a secretive revile called love.

For you deserve the light, you are the light, Are you afraid of Lighting the fire of living, of loving ? For it may provide temporary light but eventually

Illuminate everything around you and end up burning you alive.

Though if you are not willing to take the risk

Are you willing to miss the chance?

There can be a point where this fire loses its pinnacle , and things may start looking dull, futile and meaningless driving you into some never ending hiatus of existence. However, the oceans shifting tides crash every now and then, making place for a new one! The sun sets every night but signalling that it will rise again tomorrow, so whenever you crash, a new you awaits ! Whenever you fade, a brighter you awaits



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