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  • Hrudhai Chand

Is the Royal Family STILL relevant?

The death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has stirred controversy. While many pray for him and praise him at his demise, many others mock him calling him and the Royal Family a subject of an old and forgotten time, where progress was far behind. The entire system is being rooted in outdated policies that have not much duty but consistently feed on taxpayer's money,which begs the question of the royal family is worth the vast sums they consume? And how are they relevant to the future and upcoming generations?

It is important to note while questioning the relevance of the Royal Family, we're examining the entire system of governance of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and their constitutional monarchy type of government. In this government, the political leaders, inclusive of the House of Lords members, the House of Commons members, the Prime Minister and the cabinet, are ultimately chosen in a democratic means through a free and fair election. They have to form a government in the name of their respective Sovereign, albeit the Sovereign's role is merely ceremonious; it is the Crown's duty to ensure the government is running smoothly and without unnecessary hindrance.

The Crown jurisdiction is everything that is 'royal', be it their yacht's or ships or horses or their royal lands. However, it is essential to know that the Sovereign is also equipped with sufficient power, which might change the face of England's politics. The Crown possesses the ability to dissolve the government, which is formed at emergency periods. The Crown can also provide special royal grants and pardon for a lifetime imprisonment or capital punishment. The Royal Family also has to host parties and keep meetings with foreign diplomats to ensure United Kingdom's foreign relations with other nations are also maintained. The Sovereign is also the Head of Commonwealth and The Head of Chuch of England, and the Head of all armed forces of England, hence making the Sovereign the most holiest person in all of the world after the Pope; this is why the king or the Queen is literally atoned in their investiture ceremony.

The Royal Family and the Queen are a representation of a long-lived tradition as old as the age of times. It is their primal duty to represent their faith and religion, and Christian values are upheld in their nation. The Queen also has to read daily briefings of the cabinet minutes, have weekly meetings with the Prime Minister and continuously advise them. Both the institutions of 10, Downing Street and the Buckingham Palace have worked hand-in-hand throughout many generations. While the Crown provides legitimacy to the government, the government offers cordial support and continuous advice to the Crown.

One of the most impressive things about the Royal family, despite its mysteries and scandals, is this century-old tradition within the family to maintain the form of unbiasedness in politics. Whichever ruler who has assumed the throne has ensured to maintain the highest form of silence and do nothing which will come in the way of the functioning the government how much ever the urge of interfering within the working of the government. The capacity to do nothing while the government is running the country down is a heavy price to pay to ensure that the value of democracy wholly protected. The sacred bond between the institutions is maintained.

The Constitutional Monarchy is often ridiculed as a hindrance to complete democracy; It is often forgotten that it is one of the most beautiful, civilised and perfectly balanced forms of governance. While still encompassing all the values and ethics and working of democracy but also having a leader who is above the daily drama of petty politics with unbiasedness in the very heart of the Royal Family, which has worked centuries in maintaining this delicate balance.

To conclude, The Crown & The Royal Family is relevant and a very essential part of the government; It has its own liabilities considering the recent crusades of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Megan Markle and their son Archie. Morally, the family has a lot to work on racial equality and other liberal policies and adapt to the ever-changing world. We could hope the future generations of the Crown will reform and be open to changes.


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