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  • Bhagyashree Prabhutendolkar


A day after the George Floyd case, Saumya from India puts up the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on her Instagram Story and tags 15 other acquaintances to protest against racism.

That was the first time I laid my ears on this heartbreaking news in my country, miles away from the West and miles away from the AntiRacism protests. I quickly browsed the hashtag and soon,I was shaking with agony. My heart throbbed harder in shock and my fingers trembled for justice. But then,a battle roared in my mind- to speak out or not,for living in a land away from Whites meant that protesting against racism was thoroughly irrelevant and that I shall never find myself victimised,being safe in my community. However, I kicked myself mentally for supporting land boundaries.Wasn't it me who always dreamed about a just world? Wasn't it me who frowned at every moment of gazing at the restrictions on specific international communities in terms of education and employment? It was the time for change,for speaking out irrespective of the person being the victim or not. Just like the fiery teenagers,I used my social media accounts for protesting against this discrimination, without fear nor guilt.That was my first step towards achieving justice for all, and my bit could surely bring about the change that the girls dreamed about in their brave existence. And that's how changemakers become worthy of life.

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