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  • Muskaan Pahwa

Why is it important to speak about body shaming?

In today’s world of glamour and fashion, body shaming has become an inevitable part of our society. Everyday, people are body shamed for being too fat, too thin, too short ,too tall, too dark…the list is endless. What’s worse is that, body shaming is often disguised as a joke but what people do not realize is that that one joke can ruin a person’s self esteem .

Around the world, hundreds of teens are falling prey to body shaming. Everyday, someone is looking is the mirror and wondering why they are not as beautiful as the celebs that they see on the TV screen. Everyday, teens are told to look more attractive rather than be more secure about the way they truly are. Sometimes, it is the people closest to us who make us feel insecure about ourselves and we don’t recognize that. The result of these insecurities is that people undergo surgeries rather than earning degrees, people join gyms rather than focusing on hobbies that actually make them happy. For some people, fitness is about being healthy but for others the meaning is changing. Fitness is now becoming only about looking better and not feeling better. What people don’t realize is that not everyone’s body is the same. Not every person who looks thin is healthy, not everyone who looks fat is unhealthy. It is often neglected that not everyone wants to look like other people of the same age group. Some people prefer to hold books and not makeup. Some people prefer to hold a ball and not a hairbrush. These people are not weird or nerdy, they are just different and they should be accepted too. The world is an interesting place because not everyone is the same.

The word ‘ attractive’ has no definite form. You might think that if you looked like Emma Watson or Robert Pattinson, you would be called attractive but all these actors were criticized too when they began their journeys. The society criticizes you, no matter how you look, so why try to look as anything other than your true self? If you are naturally dark, why apply whitening creams when you are just as pretty without it? Being dark does not make you ugly! Your skin colour cannot outshine the glitter that you carry within. Your body size cannot hide all the talents you have.

Body shaming affects your body image more than you think. If you stop thinking that you are beautiful, no one will be able to change your mind. If you stop feeling like yourself, you would lose the most important person in your life and that is you.

The moment you accept your scars, your acne, your pimples, your stretch marks and yourself, you will find beauty and happiness like never before. The society would say your skin colour or your body size isn’t ideal but who wants to be ideal? It is better to be unique.


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