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Randoll Dreza


Randoll: "The future is unknown, but the fate of destroying a planet is predictable."

Issue IX Young Person of the Month Interview Empower

Interviewed by Dhruvi Hate and Kunjal Talreja

8th June, 2021

Randoll Dreza are a 15 year old student climate justice activist from the Philippines, and their pronouns are They/Them. They are a volunteer at an organization called Let's Levitate and also a volunteer at Fridays For Future Digital. Their goal is to encourage people, especially the youth to conserve nature. They are fond of doing arts and being creative has a huge role in their activism. Their love for the animals motivated them to pursue the action.

What made you interested and aware about Climate Change? What do you think about the recent forest fires and what are your thoughts on sustainable clothing and the brands that claim to make them ?
Randoll: My abode, the Philippines is vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters. In November of 2020, we experienced four devastating typhoons continuously within three weeks, which resulted in the loss of lives, property damages, and deeper poverty. In my opinion, the recent forest fires are harmful to both animals and humans. Forest fires threaten species to extinction, destroy habitats, and spread air pollution that harms us all. These fires also release a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other Greenhouse gases which contributes to Global Warming. Sustainable clothing is an excellent initiative to reduce water pollution. Not only it is eco-friendly but also future-friendly. While sustainable clothing brands are working on making sustainable clothing, some companies greenwash and make fraudulent claims. Greenwashing clothing brands can lead to accidentally contributing harm to the environment.

Who is your role model for climate change initiative?

Randoll: David Attenborough is my role model in a climate change initiative, he gives the best advice inspiring people to love nature and act on climate change. He is also broadcasting awareness about the impacts of climate change on the most exposed, the poor, and those with the least security. 


How have you contributed to the 1.5 climate change action plan other than spreading awareness on Instagram?

Randoll: As a student activist, I do a lot of note-taking, I contributed to the 1.5 Climate Change action plan by using paper-less notes such as doing notes digitally. For me, it is a big help to use paper-less notes to reduce paper waste. I believe that Climate Change is not an individual's fault, but a system's fault. 

How has your overall experience been working with FFF digital ?

Randoll: Fridays For Future Digital is a community I loved for being welcoming and friendly. Being with the FFF Digital family is a great chance to build strong friendships across the globe, and I am beyond appreciative to be a part of that group. I am an introvert, and proudly I can say that I developed skills outside my comfort zone. People in FFF Digital treat everyone fairly, we must amplify the voices of the people. This proves that there is Social Justice in Climate Justice.

What’s the factor that’s playing a major role in climate destruction ?

Randoll: Human factors play a major role in Climate destruction, this includes land, water, and air pollution which sped up the warming of the globe and increased the severity of Global effects. 

What does it take to be a climate change activist ?

Randoll: To be a Climate Change Activist, you should be aware of what's happening around you, especially the effects of Climate Change on humans and animals. You must not do activism for fame, do what is right. Know why you fight for Climate Justice, do actions such as petitions, protests, join campaigns, and spread awareness. You should start it at home, conservation starts with you at home. Be ready to go out of your comfort zone, here you will develop skills. As a young person, it is hard to cope up with activism. There are lots of things I want to learn but I don't have much time to pick up all the pieces of information at once. School is not also giving enough information about Climate Change which makes it more difficult for students to understand that this crisis is alarming. There are times wherein I cannot answer questions yet, but it's fine, this proves that we still have lots to learn.


How do you think todays ‘s generation can contribute towards making this earth a better place ?

Randoll: Today's generation started a movement that gathered people worldwide and made a huge impact. Looking at history, people back then aren't that concerned about Climate Change, today, people are bringing it on the streets! Youth today contributes to Social Justice by fighting against discrimination and injustices, soon, the whole world will. Our vision is a world wherein nowhere lacks representation.

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